Flcikr Chris Vees

Energies are very intense right now. Each person will experience these energies differently.

We are moving through 2 major solar flares which were dispersed from the sun on June 14th with energies expected to effect the Earth on June 16th and 17th.

In addition, June 20th is the Summer Solstice. We are entering an extremely powerful time period , completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th, Lunar Eclipse on June 4th and the Venus Transit which occurred on June 6.

We are releasing old energetic patterns and receiving codes for ascension that awaken and return us to our original divine blue print of 12 strands of DNA. Our entire system is being upgraded and prepared for the final reboot of Earth’s grid system which is expected to occur around December 2012.

If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted, restless, depressed, dizzy, headaches, nausea, energetic “pin like” pricks on your skin, heart palpitations….these are all characteristics of your transforming, ascending bodies.

Take care of yourself….slow down….drink plenty of water….get in the ocean or take a sea salt bath……meditate….spend time in nature…. or do whatever you need to do to help your self transition through this time.

Also, be aware everyone else is going through this transformation too, and many are scared and don’t know what is happening to them. Behaviors can be erratic….take nothing personally.